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Slabs on Grade

Crack-free slabs on grade.

Slabs on grade experience a highly restrained condition due to the friction with the base layer beneath.  The concrete industry continues to develop many practices and tools that reduce concrete shrinkage and the resulting cracks, but it still remains a challenge and a potential liability.  For certain industries, the slab may only have strategic reinforcement at construction or saw-cut joints, meaning a crack elsewhere has no reinforcement.  Slab curling also results from increased shrinkage at the joints.  These cracks and curling pose a particular danger to forklifts in warehouses as well as a tripping hazard for users.  Cracks can also harbor bacteria and mold which is not tolerated in food or pharmaceutical environment.  Extensive crack repairs and grinding is needed in a slab that has experience high shrinkage.

Adding PREVent-C provides the slab-on-grade concrete with the benefit of shrinkage compensation and pore water surface tension reduction.  The synergy of these two technologies is proven to reduce shrinkage potential and allow for extended joint spacing, without the loss of strength or workability.  If the slab is exposed to exterior conditions, PREVent-C has the added benefits of reduced corrosion, minimal effect on air-entrainment, and reduced water infiltration.  Cracks are no longer an inevitable result when PREVent-C is chosen for a concrete slab.

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