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For over 50 years, Premier Magnesia, LLC and its predecessors have been the global market leader in magnesia-based product applications and technical expertise; providing proven solutions for dozens of industries.
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Our Premier Brands
The largest producer of Epsom Salts in North America, manufacturing magnesium sulfate products to the highest standards and backing it with industry expertise and innovation.
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Amphomag is a rapid response chemistry that safely absorbs and treats all spills by neutralizing both acids and bases while controlling odors and neutralizing gases.
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EnviroBlend® is the trusted leader in heavy metals stabilization, successfully treating over 6 million tons of contaminated waste at hundreds of industrial facilities and remediation projects.
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Thioguard TST (Total System Treatment) is a non-hazardous, technical grade magnesia slurry for use in the treatment of municipal wastewater and sanitary sewer systems.
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Premier Magnesia is proud to offer the MAGOX® product line of Magnesium Oxide for industrial applications, rubber & plastics, air pollution, wastewater, animal feed & nutrition and soil fertility.
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AQUAMAG is a high quality magnesium hydroxide slurry for applications involving pH supplementation and waste treatment
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PREVent-C® shrinkage-reducing and crack-control concrete admixture is a specially formulated powder that provides dual functionality to prevent cracking or curling caused by autogenous shrinkage.
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Magriculture® is agricultural-grade Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate which is a highly soluble and bioavailable source of Magnesium and Sulfur for the health of soils, plants and animals.
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The RE3 Conference is a national event, focused for 3-days on best practices in brownfield remediation and redevelopment through applied technologies and thought-leadership.
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Industry News & Success

Pulp & Paper International Magazine
Keep in the know on advancing industry practices and products. See how Aquamag can help you in desulfurizing flue gas.


Magnesia Cements
Magnesium oxychloride has many superior properties compared to Portland cement. It does not need wet curing, has high fire resistance, low thermal conductivity, good resistance to abrasion.


MAGOX® Bioavailability
Solubility and Absorption are the Keys to Bioavailability.


Thioguard® TST Total System Treatment
A Bio-Receptive Mineral, Nutrient and Alkalinity Source For the Entire Wastewater Treatment System.


Bioavailability Update
What we have learned about magnesium nutrition in animals in the past few years.


Our Story 

Premier Magnesia, LLC is a global market leader in magnesia based products and solutions for agricultural, industrial and water treatment markets. We are one of the world's principal suppliers of high purity calcined magnesium oxide and magnesium hydroxide products.

For over 50 years, the Company and its predecessors has owned and operated a magnesia mine and processing plant located in Gabbs, Nevada that will continue to offer the only domestically mined source of magnesia ore in the United States well into the future.



Our corporate headquarters is located in Waynesville, North Carolina.

Contact our customer service and sales professionals to help obtain maximum, cost-effective performance in your specific application.

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