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Flat Slab

Extended joint flat slab.

Every day in warehouses and stockrooms, semi-trucks drive in and out of facilities, forklifts haul heavy loads, and excavator claws scrape against the floor. This high traffic industrial environment causes a lot of stress on the slab, leading to cracks and damage that shorten the lifecycle and increase costs. Every owner needs a way to get a longer, more durable life from concrete slabs. Extending the joint spacing greatly reduces the impact from forklift traffic, semi-trucks, and excavator claws in the facility.

Industry design standards with conventional materials require a joint every 15′ in each direction. Because of this, the life expectancy of these slabs are only a very short 3 to 4 years. Concrete mix optimized with PREVent-C Shrinkage Reducing/ Compensating admixture has allowed concrete mix to extend further. In one case the result was a 50’ x 60’ control joint flat slab flow with zero cracking. In another case, a jointless slab solution was provided.

The benefits of reduced joints included less maintenance over the life of the facility resulting in decreased down time, maintenance costs and curling potential. New and improved floor slabs with extended joint spacing using PREVent-C additives are proven to have longer lifecycles and lower costs.

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