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Bridge Decks

Construct bridge decks that last.

Bridges are essential for access over waterways, steep inclines, and other roadways and structures.  Most often the bridge decks are constructed from concrete due to its strength and durability.  However, durability of bridge decks is severely compromised by shrinkage cracks.  Due to the highly-restrained nature of decks, they are highly prone to shrinkage cracks.  While permeability of concrete is fairly low and only allow water to penetrate a shallow depth into the concrete, shrinkage cracks allow immediate access of water and deicing chemicals directly to the steel reinforcement and internal concrete.  Deteriorating effects start immediately, including corrosion and freeze-thaw damage.  Long-term, this leads to significant repairs to the owner and frustrated taxpayers as bridge decks are taken out of service for maintenance.  The failure of most repairs and overlays means that the bridge deck often needs to be replaced well before the expected lifecycle of the structure.

The reduction or even elimination of shrinkage cracks in bridge decks and overlays is possible with PREVent-C.  Freeze-thaw durability and concrete strength is maintained while drastically increasing the lifecycle of the deck and reducing repairs that ultimately fail.  PREVent-C can also be incorporated into other bridge and DOT work that suffers from shrinkage cracking such as barrier walls, columns, pier caps, parapets, curbs, and sidewalks.

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