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Secondary Containment

Leak free secondary containment.

To protect the groundwater and nearby habitats, toxic or aggressive chemicals are required to have a back-up containment system surrounding the primary containment system in case the primary system leaks or fails. The secondary containment system is most often construction out of concrete.  Due to the sensitive nature of any cracks that could leak harmful liquids, shrinkage is a high concern for these structures.  A wide variety of coatings and liners are available, but not all of them will bridge a significant shrinkage crack.  The risk of a shrinkage crack includes contamination of groundwater, dangerous conditions for potentially both humans and animals, and a high risk of liability.

In order to guard against the risk, addressing shrinkage cracks in secondary containment with PREVent-C is key to a sound structure.  With little to no impact on the fresh or hardened properties, the incorporation of PREVent-C is a simple belt-and-suspenders approach to avoiding catastrophic consequences. Less shrinkage cracks, less risk. 

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