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The cost of concrete shrinkage

Concrete drying and autogeneous shrinkage can be a significant expense to the construction industry.  From mitigation efforts, to repairs, to liabilities, the financial burden of shrinkage cracks extends well beyond the cost of a yard of concrete.  In addition, an owner’s perceived value of a structure is significantly decreased once cracks occur. 

Cost Savings with PREVent-C® and PREVent-G® Products across the lifecycle of a structure:

  • LOWER maintenance costs due to larger allowable joint spacing  
  • REDUCTIONS  in timely and expensive crack-injection repairs
  • ELIMINATED legal issues associated with identifying responsible parties for repair of cracks ·       
  • REDUCED secondary effects of cracking post-repairs including corrosion, ASR, freeze-thaw damage, ingress of chemicals, etc. 

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