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Packaged Materials

Prevent shrinkage cracks in packaged materials.

Many packaged materials have to address shrinkage concerns during product development and improvement.  Repair materials, mortars, grouts – they all have a potential for shrinkage which lead to dissatisfied customers and a reduction in the perceived value of the final product.  Since shrinkage cracks lead to water penetration, ingress of chemicals and salts, corrosions, spalling, and ASR acceleration, it is easy to see why shrinkage reduction is a top priority for most construction product manufacturers. 

PREVent-C is incorporated into a wide variety of cementitious materials.  It tends to be very easy to blend with the existing constituents and has no known reactions with other ingredients.  Samples are available to perform testing and full technical support for PREVent-C is provided.  Don’t accept that cracks are inevitable – try PREVent-C in your mix to drastically reduce or eliminate shrinkage cracks.

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