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Marine Structures

Reduce shrinkage cracks and damage in marine structures.

Marine concrete experiences some of the harshest conditions and are therefore prone to early damage and deterioration.  Sea salt exposure can cause incredible damage in a short amount of time if proper precautions are not taken.  Shrinkage cracks can accelerate the deterioration and lead to costly maintenance and repairs.  Full replacement after a short life is also possible.  Corrosion of reinforced concrete occurs quickly when shrinkage cracks are present since the salt has a direct path to the reinforcement instead of being protected by the concrete.  Bridge piers, sea walls, docks – any concrete marine structure is susceptible to corrosion which is why marine concrete typically incorporates some sort of secondary corrosion protection such as cathodic protection, coated reinforcement or corrosion inhibiting admixtures.  But it is agreed that the first line of defense should be to not allow the water and corrosive salts in direct contact with the reinforcement at all.

Since shrinkage cracks are a leading cause of corrosion, using PREVent-C in a marine concrete mix will help guard against steel corrosion.  It can be used in conjunction with any other traditional corrosion protection system and has no known negative reactions or effects.  The only lasting effect of PREVent-C is a structure that lasts longer and looks better.

Case Study on Marine Concrete Structure Application

Intercoastal Waterway Seawall and Pier Cap Project (Florida) Case Study >>

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