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Shrinkage and crack-free shotcrete.

Shotcrete’s versatility allows it to be used on irregular surfaces and during expedited construction processes.  However, these same features also make it prone to shrinkage cracking.  The highly restrained conditions that are inherent to shotcrete can cause shrinkage cracking that can lead to delamination from the bonded surface.  Since shotcrete is often utilized as a protective layer to underlying reinforcement or surface, failure of the shotcrete can result in deterioration of the entire structure.  Fibers are frequently used to keep the crack width from being too wide, but they typically don’t stop the cracks from occurring in the first place.  For shotcrete in water-retaining structures such as tunnels and pools, shrinkage cracks can lead to seepage in addition to deterioration and delamination.

PREVent-C can be successfully incorporated into a shotcrete mix to prevent and reduce shrinkage cracks.  PREVent-C can be included in most any shotcrete application, including pools, tunnels, and culvert relining.  There are no negative effects on the fresh or hardened concrete properties nor is the application process modified when using PREVent-C.  Shotcrete with PREVent-C experiences significantly less shrinkage cracks and increased longevity and integrity.

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