About High-Grade Slurry
AQUAMAG® is a high-grade magnesium hydroxide slurry that provides a safe, consistent and effective alternative to caustic soda in industrial applications involving pH supplementation and waste treatment. AQUAMAG® is a Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) chemical due to its non-hazardous and environmentally-friendly nature.

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Acid Waste Neutralization    Power Plants 
Biological Wastewater   Heavy Metals Removal
Pulp and Paper  

 Food & Beverage   Power Plants   Pulp & Paper   Manufacturing
Maximizing  pH buffering and precipitation of metals in wastewater; offering up to 27% more alkalinity than alternatives.     Reducing environmental impact through acid gas remediation, and increasing friability of slag for the improved efficiency of power generation.   Improving waste treatment processes and equipment runnability in applications including deinking, peroxide bleaching, SOx scrubbing, and newsprint bleaching.    Increasing efficiency in wastewater treatment, mitigating air pollution and reducing boiler slag with safe, high quality product. 
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