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Reduce shrinkage cracks in dams.

The construction of dams is essential to the access of irrigation water for many farming communities, clean power for electricity, flood control, and recreational lakes and waterways.  Concrete is often used for part or all of the dam construction due to its strength, versatility, and mass.  Unfortunately, dams also represent a large risk and maintenance burden.  Ensuring that the dams remain structurally sound and watertight becomes exponentially difficult with the presence of shrinkage cracks.  Shrinkage cracks allow water directly to the steel reinforcement and internal concrete, accelerating issues such as corrosion, freeze-thaw damage, and alkali-silica reaction.  Dam owners are faced with costly on-going concrete repairs, from expensive crack-injection to partial- and full-depth replacement projects. 


Fortunately, shrinkage cracks in concrete dams are easily reduced or even eliminated with the use of PREVent-C.  Used regularly by the two biggest dam owners in the country, the United States Bureau of Reclamation and the United States Army Corps of Engineers, PREVent-C has been independently proven to reduce shrinkage cracks by up to 90% while having minimal to no effect on strength, freeze-thaw durability, and fresh properties.  PREVent-C can be utilized in all facets of dam construction, including spillways, ogees, cut-off structures, walls, new construction and repair work.

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