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PREVent-C: The Most Effective Admixture in Mitigating Shrinkage Cracks and Curling


Shrinkage cracks are caused by multiple issues which is why PREVent-C works in multiple ways to stop them. The effectiveness of PREVent-C is achieved by combining two widely-used technologies. By blending expansive components with pore water surface tension reduction, you can successfully defend against both autogeneous and drying shrinkage cracks. The result is less repair work, less headaches, less liability along with an improved construction sequence, improved durability, and better defense against ingress of water and chemicals

Product Benefits:

  • Decreases/eliminates crack repair time and cost
  • Reduces maintenance costs 
  • Benefits thin sections and overlays
  • Allows for extended joint spacing
  • Shortens construction timeline
  • Increases expected concrete service life 


US Bureau of Reclamation MERL Case Study on Glen Elder Dam 

PREVent-C Available Products


PREVent-C has successfully passed and maintains the stringent requirements for potable water according to the ASTM NSF-61 certification.

PREVent-C products are covered by U.S. Patent Number 8,784,558 issued July 22, 2014, entitled Admixtures for Shrink Crack Reduction of Portland Cement-Based Mortars and Concretes as well as a variety of pending foreign patent applications throughout the world.