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Architectural Concrete

Architectural concrete needs a balance between structure and aesthetic.

Sometimes concrete just needs to remain structurally sound.  However, with architectural or decorative concrete, it also needs to retain its aesthetic qualities.  Decorative treatments can increase the cost of concrete material multiple times – only leading to a waste of money when shrinkage cracks appear.  Shrinkage cracks can pose a challenge to both the look and usefulness of a decorative concrete element.  The appearance of cracks alone can reduce the appeal of the concrete, but they also allow immediate penetration of water into the concrete and directly to any steel reinforcement.  The presence of water attacks the soundness and beauty of concrete in a number of ways – corrosion, pop-outs, leaching, efflorescence, staining.  In order to avoid shrinkage cracks, joints are placed close together.  Tight joint spacing reduces the chances of cracking, but often affect the aesthetic quality as well.

In order to avoid shrinkage cracks or to extend joint spacing, PREVent-C is chosen for architectural concrete mixes.  With reduced cracks and crack width, the occurrence of unsightly rust stains, leaching and efflorescence is also greatly reduced.  PREVent-C is also a great choice for colored concrete since it is a neutral color.  Whether you are simply trying to avoid cracking or increasing joint spacing, adding PREVent-C to your concrete mix will lead to improved aesthetics and a more satisfied owner.

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