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The use of AQUAMAG® is advantageous in several pulp and paper applications including deinking, peroxide bleaching, and SO2 scrubbing. Because it can be used as the sole source of alkalinity (providing 27%-37% more alkalinity than caustic soda), many manufacturers are turning to AQUAMAG® for partial or full replacement of their current chemicals.

Deinking and Peroxide Bleaching: AQUAMAG® produces excellent results in both the deinking of old newsprint and magazines, as well as in the peroxide bleaching of mixed office waste.  There are many cost and effectiveness advantages in both applications. 

  1. Controlled reactivity and efficiency: AQUAMAG® has several advantages over other chemistries.  Caustic soda is very reactive and will yield a hydroxide ion (OH-) almost instantaneously which leads to the alkaline darkening of the paper fibers. Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is subsequently used to reverse this darkening of the paper fibers. AQUAMAG®, due to its lower solubility, is less reactive and will only yield an OH- ion when needed. This gradual OH- release using AQUAMAG® reduces the alkaline darkening of paper fibers and, therefore, lowers the demand for Hydrogen Peroxide in the deinking process.
  2. Lower total chemical costs:  Lower dosage rates of chemical addition are enabled through both the buffered alkalinity of AQUAMAG® as well as being the sole source of alkalinity. This helps reduce the need for additional process chemicals that are typically used to balance the adverse effects of highly reactive, high pH reagents.
  3. Improved runnability of paper mill equipment: Due to the low pH (≤9.0) environment through the use of AQUAMAG®, equipment efficiencies can be realized.  High pH environments can extract organics from fiber and increase COD concentrations on mill effluent. Furthermore, high pH can also extract organics from glues and bindings found in the wastepaper causing sticky deposit to accumulate. Use of AQUAMAG® reduces both stickies and COD, eliminating frequent equipment cleanings and downtime, and improving overall performance. 

SO2 Scrubbing: AQUAMAG® is a non-hazardous, cost effective treatment chemical for pH control in Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) scrubbers. Because of its advantages related to safety handling, reduced dosage rates, and cost, many manufacturers are converting from traditional caustic soda. AQUAMAG® has the same addition point in an SO2 scrubber as caustic soda and has typically shown to reduce chemical usage by an estimated 30% on a dry basis.

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Find out why AQUAMAG® is safer, more cost effective and easier to use than your current solution.

Find out why AQUAMAG® is more cost effective than your current solution

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