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Cleanout Procedures

Tank Cleanout Procedures & Inspection

The intent of this procedure is to insure that AQUAMAG® customers minimize any problems with solids accumulation in their magnesium hydroxide slurry feed systems. Premier Magnesia recommends that all customers perform this procedure at least once a calendar year as a part of their regular maintenance schedule. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Pump AQUAMAG® from the storage tank using the existing feed pumps on the system until the pump loses suction.
  2. Open the manway on the tank and observe if there is any unusual build-up on the walls of the tank. Such build-up could be a sign of a defective agitator, or a significant loss in the coating inside the tank. Note: the solids build-up in the bottom of tank and around the baffles is normal.
  3. Take pictures as needed to show your AQUAMAG® representative during your next scheduled meeting.
  4. If the build-up is sufficient, have qualified personnel hydro-blast the build-up, and then vacuum the bottom of the tank in order to remove the loose material.
  5. Inspect the inside of tank for defects and any potential problems that could cause storage system failure – such as damages to the impellors of the agitator; dents and/or internal scratches to the tank; and the mechanical integrity of baffle system.

Verify that the agitator is turning in the proper direction in order to insure optimal agitation. Refer to the manufacturer’s manual in order to determine the proper rotational direction of the agitator blades.


Find out why AQUAMAG® is safer, more cost effective and easier to use than your current solution.

Find out why AQUAMAG® is more cost effective than your current solution

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