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Power Plants

Whether associated with acid gas remediation or slag control, AQUAMAG® is extremely effective at increasing efficiency at power plants and reducing environmental impact. In addition, on their own they are safe products to be handled and employed by personnel. 

When utilized in coal-fired or oil-fired power plants, AQUAMAG® can help sequester SOx gas particles as they form and improve SOx gas removal efficiencies. As flue gas cools, SO3 can combine with condensed water vapor droplets to form sulfuric acid (H2SO4). Sulfuric acid will increase the visibility of the stack discharge and can corrode exposed surfaces on the air heater, Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP), wet scrubber, stack discharge and connecting ductwork. Further, when AQUAMAG® is added to the fuel-source, a higher melting point slag is produced that is more friable and less adhesive inside the boiler or boiler tubes, improving performance and longevity.  

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Find out why AQUAMAG® is safer, more cost effective and easier to use than your current solution.

Find out why AQUAMAG® is more cost effective than your current solution

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