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Heavy Metals Removal

AQUAMAG® is the ideal choice for heavy metals removal from industrial wastewater streams because of its higher efficiency, cost-effectiveness and non-hazardous nature.  AQUAMAG® advantages enable it to remove heavy metals from wastewater at one pH unit lower than the pH level required for caustic soda.  It performs more efficiently, removes a wider range of metals all in addition to being more environmentally sound. 


AQUAMAG® effectively treats wastewater through two mechanisms; acid neutralization and metals precipitation: 


Forming Insoluble Metal Hydroxides: The hydroxyl ions (OH-) supplied by AQUAMAG® react with the heavy metal ions to form insoluble metal hydroxides, which in turn precipitate out of solution.  It can adsorb metal ions due to the surface pH of the AQUAMAG® particle being significantly higher than that of the surrounding bulk solution. The higher localized pH thus attracts the cationic metal ions. AQUAMAG® allows for slow crystal growth that results in larger particles making dewatering easier and cheaper. 


Metals Removal: AQUAMAG® can effectively remove most heavy metals from solution with only nickel and cadmium proving to be problematic to precipitate. If removal of these two metals is necessary, AQUAMAG® can nevertheless be added initially to raise the pH of the wastewater to 8.5, followed by the addition of caustic soda to raise pH to the level necessary to remove nickel and cadmium.  (See below for reference)


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Find out why AQUAMAG® is safer, more cost effective and easier to use than your current solution.

Find out why AQUAMAG® is more cost effective than your current solution

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