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AQUAMAG® is used in a wide variety of applications such as the treatment of wastewater and acid gases, the addition of alkalinity, or as a raw material for the manufacture of various products.  

Because of AQUAMAG’s® strong neutralization capacity, in addition to being a safe product to handle, it commonly replaces pH-adjusting agents such as caustic soda and lime in a variety of applications due to the following competitive advantages: 

  1. Neutralization Capacity/Increased Alkalinity:  AQUAMAG® effectively neutralizes acidic materials and provides more alkalinity than the alternatives. It requires 27% more lime or 37% more caustic soda to neutralize the same amount of acid as AQUAMAG® (see comparison chart)
  2. Cost Savings: The effectiveness of AQUAMAG® to provide higher alkalinity at a lower dosage rate allows for reduced total chemical purchase needs. 
  3. User-friendly and Environmentally Safe: AQUAMAG® is non-hazardous and non-toxic to both people and the environment, making it safe to handle, and reducing liabilities for facilities (learn more about storage and handling)  
  4. Reduced Generation of Sludge: The magnesium salts formed during neutralization/metals removal is dense and easy to handle.  AQUAMAG® lets the user generate less sludge and solid wastes than either lime or caustic soda. 
  5. Reduced Polymer Consumption: AQUAMAG’s® ability to effectively precipitate metals reduces the consumption of polymers used for settling and dewatering.  
  6. Low Freezing Point:  AQUAMAG® has a lower freezing point (0° C) compared to typical caustic soda solutions.  


Find out why AQUAMAG® is safer, more cost effective and easier to use than your current solution.

Find out why AQUAMAG® is more cost effective than your current solution

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