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Quality. Reliability. Innovation.

As the largest supplier of Epsom Salt in North America, Giles believes a company is only as good as its products. We manufacture our magnesium sulfate to the highest standards and back it with industry expertise and innovations to improve your process.

No matter the end use — from bath and beauty to pulp and paper to agriculture and animal feed — we produce our Epsom Salt to meet your individual needs. And, it’s backed with the kind of customer service and technical expertise that can help you improve your process and your profits.

The Product of innovation

From supersacks and industrial bags to consumer cartons and pouches, we can help you get just the right amount of magnesium sulfate.

Data Sheets &
Sample Request

Get technical specifications and request a sample to inspect for quality and process compatibility.


Use our calculator to determine the proper amount of water and magnesium sulfate heptahydrate needed for your desired solution concentration.