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MAGOX® is America’s original magnesium oxide (MgO), mined and calcined from the only domestic source of magnesia ore in the United States. Its quality surpasses that of other MgO sources around the world due in part to the precision employed during the calcining process.

How production process can affect MgO quality

MAGOX® is calcined under exacting conditions in a computerized multiple-hearth furnace, guaranteeing uniform temperature and yielding high quality, consistent MgO. Premier is the only producer in North America using this technology. Most other sources of MgO are typically made in a rotary kiln, with only a single burner. Material temperature is thus more difficult to control resulting in inconsistencies that reduce reactivity, and end up costing the user more.

Reactivity vs. MgO Content

MgO content is important, but if the material is overheated during calcining, the higher MgO can actually lower performance. So although % MgO matters, it is not solely indicative of the quality of the product. “Reactivity” on the other hand, is what plays a bigger role in the effectiveness in an application. Reactivity is a measure of how quickly MgO reacts with acid. Lower reactivity means more MgO passes through the system without having much effect. This can increase both material demand and cost. In addition, both solubility and bio-availability of MgO can also be influenced by temperature. In certain applications, such as in the agriculture industry, solubility and bio-availability are essential factors for plant and animal magnesium uptake.

In summary, understanding the process by which an MgO source is calcined, is important for understanding the quality and therefore effectiveness in an application. MAGOX has been used successfully across dozens of applications in a wide-range of industries.