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Magnesium Oxide

Magox® Magnesium Oxides for Animal Feed and Nutrition, Polymer Applications, Soil Fertility, Power Utility and many other Industrial Applications.


Magnesium Hydroxide &
Total System Treatment

Sanitary Sewer Odor and Corrosion Control products. Thioguard® is a safe, alkaline slurry similar to milk of magnesia.


Magnesium Hydroxide

Aquamag® Mangesium Hydroxides for Acid Neutralization, Waste and Process Water Treatment and many other Industrial Applications.


PREVent-C admixture is a specially formulated powder that prevents cracking or curling in concrete caused by shrinkage. Depending on mix design, this product can reduce shrinkage-induced cracking by at least 80% in most cases.


Environmental Waste Treatment

Enviroblend® has treated over five million tons of hazardous waste for a wide range of industries; more than 100 waste streams at over 70 industrial plants, as well as 600+ remedial sites.


(Epsom Salt) Products

The Giles Chemical Division is the largest producer of magnesium sulfate in North America. Giles provides products for various agricultural, industrial and retail applications.


Magnesium Oxide

HAZMAT Spill Control Products for Large and Small Hazardous Spills. Ampho-Mag® has the unique ability to neutralize acids and bases, and contains an innovative multi-range pH indicator to simplify spill response.