THIOGUARD® is an effective and environmentally-safe Total System Treatment (TST) for municipal wastewater treatment facilities and sanitary sewers. As municipal-grade magnesium hydroxide slurry, THIOGARD is often described as the “milk of magnesia” for sanitary systems. Providing more alkalinity than any other additive, it is effective at treating odors, corrosion and FOG (fats, oils and grease), and also provides positive plant benefits for nitrification, biosolids production, digester performance, and chlorination. It is most typically applied as follows: 

Direct Addition for Alkalinity / pH Control - Added directly to treatment plant operations, THIOGUARD provides more pound for pound alkalinity than any other additive while contributing a magnesium micronutrient to plant biology, reduced polymer addition and reduced biosolids production. 


Direct Addition for Odor Control - Added directly to wastewater collection systems, THIOGUARD stops odors by preventing formation of hydrogen sulfide gas while providing downstream benefits to the treatment plant operations.


Crown Spray for Corrosion Control - Surfaces periodically sprayed with THIOGUARD are gently neutralized and protected from corrosion. 


Major Advantages:

  1. Safe - Non-hazardous and safe to handle, posing no danger to public or the environment
  2. Cost-Effective - Lower cost compared with all other options
  3. User-Friendly - One feed rate treats all sulfide levels
  4. Long distance treatment  - One dosing location provides long distance collection system and plant treatment


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