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A Tough But Essential Job

Let’s talk about something most of us don’t like to dwell on but is incredibly important: wastewater. It’s the liquid that disappears down the drain, and we often forget about it once it’s out of sight. But there’s a whole world beneath the surface that’s working tirelessly to ensure our environment stays clean and our water remains safe.

Wastewater is complex; containing not just water from our sinks, showers, and toilets, but also industrial runoff, stormwater, and more. It’s packed with all sorts of stuff – from oils and chemicals to organic matter and even tiny microorganisms. Dealing with this cocktail of components is a real challenge for wastewater treatment plants.

Key Challenges of Treating Wastewater

Wastewater treatment facilities work around the clock to treat and purify wastewater, making sure that it’s safe to be released back into our rivers and oceans. This is no small task. Treating wastewater is a complex process that requires careful monitoring, state-of-the-art technology, and a lot of science. Facilities have to navigate through challenges like removing pollutants, preventing the spread of harmful bacteria, and ensuring that the treated water is environmentally friendly. It’s a tough but essential job that is vital for our health, the environment, and our quality of life.

THIOGUARD® is the original magnesium hydroxide wastewater treatment product, a superior solution to provide more bioavailable alkalinity, resulting in multiple benefits for wastewater treatment and sewage systems. By adding THIOGUARD, facilities can improve plant performance while reducing corrosion, nutrient discharge, odor, biosolids, and costs. Unlike other alkaline additives to wastewater, THIOGUARD does not create hot zones over 10+ pH which can cause scale or harm the microbiological ecosystem, it does not lead to boiler scale or large quantities of added solids, and accidental misdosing will not lead to wild shifts in pH that harm downstream processes. Moreover, unlike caustic soda or lime, THIOGUARD is nonhazardous and presents little danger to treatment plant employees and the surrounding environment.

THIOGUARD attacks the formation of bio-phosphorous, hard water, fats-oils-grease, and odors. As for struvite, the magnesium in THIOGUARD rarely causes its formation. Yet, adding THIOGUARD to the wastewater treatment process is a small fraction of the cost of other aggressive, less effective methods without costly modifications to the existing system.

Experience the Benefits of THIOGUARD
for Wastewater Treatment