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All Magnesium Hydroxide Products Are Not Created Equal

THIOGUARD® provides the greatest power to neutralize acid and prevent corrosion over long infrastructure distances while providing additional benefits to a wastewater treatment plant’s biological treatment process. Added directly to wastewater collection systems, THIOGUARD stops odors by preventing the formation of hydrogen sulfide gas. No other collection system odor control product can provide as many additional downstream performance and cost-saving benefits. Our superior quality is the result of extensive research and development over years of field applications.
With its raw materials and production being 100% USA-based and owned by Premier Magnesia, customers can have confidence that their THIOGUARD supply is not subject to the quality and availability risks of foreign-produced raw materials.

MgWater delivers higher quality water and resource recovery, operations improvement, and reduced costs throughout the ecosystem of a municipal water utility. Our high quality magnesium-based products contribute to purer, more healthful drinking water for your community, or nutrient-rich biosolids shipped to an end user or a landfill.

Municipal waterwater treatment utilities and potable water supply utilities work with MgWater to access proven, cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions and the expertise needed to implement and support those solutions.

MgWater delivers the highest quality, technical-grade magnesium products in MgBalance, Nutri-Mag and Thioguard, while providing our customer partners greater flexibility and peace of mind through MgOps. Better data leads to better decisions, and ultimately to an optimized end product.

Every plant and every municipality is unique. While there are certainly similarities and equivalencies from place to place, MgWater guides each utility through the crucial process of developing a baseline for each plant, which informs the suite of products and services specifically tailored to solve any range of treatment challenges. 

THIOGUARD is More Chemically Robust than Competing Products

THIOGUARD – a 60% Magnesium Hydroxide Slurry – is the most concentrated form of consistent and reliably-superior aqueous alkalinity commercially available. THIOGUARD is more chemically robust than competing products and therefore can deliver more consistent results at lower dosage rates, ultimately leading to cost savings and increased efficiency. For example, using a less reliable 50% product could necessitate plant operators to adjust daily usage rates and requirements as much as +/- 30% with every truckload.

While most slurries will have the propensity to settle, inferior grades of magnesium hydroxide slurry have been shown to settle as much as 40% more than THIOGUARD, creating doubt as to reliable delivery of product into the target system.

Safe, Comprehensive Treatment Application for Sanitary Sewers and Municipal Wastewater

The accumulation of fats, heavy oils and grease (F.O.G) can be dramatically reduced through the use of THIOGUARD technical grade magnesium hydroxide. THIOGUARD is a strong base and a moderate pH adjuster, which adds non-carbonate alkalinity to the wastewater. The practical effect on municipal wastewater systems is a rapid, dramatic reduction in F.O.G. buildup within the collection, transport and treatment structures.

  • Highest purity, reactivity, and stability in the industry
  • ISO 9001 / NSF Certification
  • Sourced and Produced in the U.S.
  • Distribution terminals throughout the U.S.
  • No sludge-producing fillers
  • Inventory management services
  • Equipment management services
  • Application consulting services

All the Benefits of THIOGUARD, now Available in Powdered Form


THIOGUARD OX, hydrated lime, quicklime, and soda ash each have different physical and chemical properties that affect how each reacts with the systems to which they are added. THIOGUARD OX is a proven, premium quality, technical-grade magnesium oxide, manufactured through a proprietary process for application in municipal water and wastewater treatment.

Your existing storage and feed system can be used to deliver THIOGUARD OX without costly modifications. You can begin reaping the benefits of THIOGUARD OX without up-front costs.

THIOGUARD OX is manufactured to an exacting particle size and specific surface area to provide the highest reactivity, and superior handling. This provides consistent performance, LESS CAKING AND “CLUMPING”, and better dispersion, which is critical to treatment plant operations, while reducing sludge generation.


THIOGUARD OX is available at distribution terminals throughout the USA, and delivers Total System Treatment with multiple additional benefits. When compared to quicklime, there is no “slaking” required. THIOGUARD OX is the practical choice that provides a safer, more cost-effective alternative.

Lime produces calcium carbonate in wastewater, which acts as a coagulant for hardness and particulate matter. Lime may potentially increase the volume of waste sludge up to 50 percent.