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Premier Magnesia is the pioneer when it comes to using magnesium hydroxide - Mg(OH)2 - to enhance water and wastewater treatment solutions. After 25 years of success with THIOGUARD® in wastewater applications, MgWater™ expands the benefits of Mg to raw water and drinking water with Nutri-Mg++® and to dewatering and resource recovery with MgBalance™.

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MgWater™ products are produced straight from the only magnesia mine in the Unites States, located in Gabbs, Nevada. We manage our entire supply chain, which means a secure, sustainable, uninterrupted source of magnesia that you can rely on.

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When you work with MgWater™, you are working with the country’s top experts in magnesium hydroxide – Mg(OH)2. More than 60 years ago, Premier Magnesia started applying the benefits of Mg(OH)2 to applications across multiple industries and our industry veterans, PhDs, and engineers continue to set and raise the standard.

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Pioneers of the Most Innovative Water Treatment Solutions

For over 35 years, Premier Magnesia’s MgWater ™ group of industry professionals have been pioneering the most innovative and beneficial uses of magnesia for water and wastewater treatment in America, including corrosion and odor control, biological process optimization and stabilization, and nutrient treatment and recovery. The successful use of magnesia in the applications Premier has developed requires a superior grade magnesium hydroxide slurry that is produced reliably in large volumes, processed and refined to survive transport and to remain stable over long distances and time, and is consistently at the industry standard of 60% chemical concentration.
MgWater serves potable water supply and municipal wastewater treatment utilities at every stage of the water ecosystem. Not all utilities are the same. We combine decades of experience using industrial grade magnesium hydroxide with innovative technologies to improve water quality, optimize operations, and reduce costs in a way that works best for each facility. 

Setting the Bar for the Entire Water Treatment Ecosystem

Every plant and every municipality is unique, and we set the bar for what successful use of magnesium hydroxide in water treatment looks like. MgWater guides each customer through the crucial process of developing a baseline for each plant, which informs the suite of products and services specifically tailored to solve any range of treatment challenges. 

A Reputation for Reliability, Consistency, and Performance

MgWater products, including THIOGUARD and Nutri-Mg++, are produced exclusively by Premier Magnesia, LLC, a global market leader in magnesia-based products and solutions. Magnesium hydroxide can effectively replace caustic soda and lime alkalais in the water treatment process. Magnesium hydroxide is regarded as an industrial grade milk of magnesia, which is nonhazardous and nontoxic. For more than 50 years, Premier Magnesia has been manufacturing and supplying a variety of magnesia-based products for environmental applications. We own and operate the only magnesia mine in the U.S., located in Gabbs, Nevada.