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Nutri-Mg++ is a process for enhancing the treatment of potable water and fortifying the water supply with an essential mineral supplement.

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Up To 55% Reduction In TOC Removal Requirements
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The Nutri-Mg++ process is a proprietary strategy that enables municipalities to enhance their treatment of potable water while protecting their water distribution assets and fortifying their water supply with magnesium, an essential nutrient for human health.  Nutri-Mg++ reduces the need for corrosive, acidic flocculating and settling chemistries, such as alum and iron salts, improves the performance of filtration within the potable treatment process, eliminates the need for pH enhancement modifiers, such as lime and caustic soda, and can optimize corrosion and scale inhibitors throughout the distribution system. Nutri-Mg++ has proven beneficial to flocculation in drinking water treatment, offering multiple treatment enhancements and plant benefits.


Magnesium in an essential nutrient for human health and is often lacking in the American population. Magnesium has been shown to lower the risk of:

Type 2 Diabetes


Migraine Headaches

High Blood Pressure

Heart Disease &  Stroke


Substituting divalent Magnesium Hydroxide for the sodium from monovalent Caustic Soda, Soda Ash and/or other chemistries, results in multiple plant benefits including:

Enhanced Coagulation, Flocculation & Sedimentation

Improved TOC removal in Bio-filtration

Reduced inorganic sludge


Substituting Magnesium Hydroxide for Caustic Soda, Soda Ash and/or other chemistries results in improved process performance, as well as improved safety for handlers:

Sodium from caustic increases hypertension and is hazardous in-plant

Calcium adds temporary hardness and potentially, scale

Magnesium adds permanent hardness and no scale


Nutri-Mg++ directly impacts your bottom line through improved plant performance, including:

Reduced addition of alum, iron and caustic

Reduced polymers addition

Fewer chemical deliveries required

Nutri-Mg++ can be added at a variety of insertion points in your treatment process, depending upon your specific conditions and where you are likely to receive the greatest benefit. Nutri-Mg++ delivers multiple benefits and improves your process in a number of ways – reducing costs and enhancing a variety of process points.

Nutri-Mg++ Explorer

Looking for a detailed compraision of your current results and your expected results adding Nutri-Mg++?  This tool will help you determine the value of Nutri-Mg++ in your specific setting, using your specific inputs.


Incorporating Nutri-Mg++ into your treatment process is not complicated, time consuming, or costly, and there is minimal disruption to your current process.

STEP ONE: After initial review and consultation, we will conduct jar tests at your facility to confirm the effectiveness of Nutri-Mg++ for your specific needs.

STEP TWO: A Nutri-Mg++ Feed Tank is delivered to a selected location at your plant. This process is generally completed in a full day, as long as a suitable pad is available for installation.

STEP THREE: Insertion points can be added in one location or in multiple locations, depending upon your requirements and the anticipated benefits.

STEP FOUR: The completed installation will begin delivering benefits immediately, without altering or disrupting your current process, leading to cost savings and an enhanced final product delivered to your community.

Is Nutri-Mg++ right for you?

Please call or fill out the form below to set up a consultation with a Nutri-Mg++ professional.