Premier Construction Products Group (Premier CPG) is fully owned Division of Premier Magnesia LLC who operates the only active North American Magnesia mine, located in Gabbs, NV. The high quality and consistent grade of the mined material, coupled with a unique manufacturing process allows Premier to be the leader in magnesia technology, including a line of patented magnesia-based products used in the construction industry.





Concrete Shrinkage Reduction

Effective at reducing shrinkage-induced cracking by up to 90%, Premier CPG’s cement additive PREVent®-C allows users to meet and exceed the most stringent concrete shrinkage requirements, as well as improve the overall durability and life expectancy of concrete. 
Magnesium-Based Cements

Explore our line of environmentally benign, magnesium-based cements; ideal for increasing the durability of structures due to properties of high early strength, tenacious bonding to substrates, and acid resistance.