Water Treatment
Water is our most precious resource, with billions of gallons utilized each day to sustain human life from personal and recreational use, to food and beverage production, to industrial manufacturing and basic firefighting.  All of this water begins at a source point and travels through thousands of miles of water infrastructure systems from initial collection and treatment, to distribution for use and consumption, to collection and treatment of wastewater, to discharge back into the environment at a water source point.  


Magnesia has been used for over 40 years for the neutralization and treatment of a variety of contaminated water sources, including both municipal and industrial waste water as well as sources in the environment. Our products are effective at adding alkalinity, neutralizing pH/reducing acidity, precipitating heavy metals, reducing odor and corrosion of pipes/equipment, stabilizing contaminants in groundwater.



Our Brands Serving Water Treatment
EnviroBlend® is the trusted leader in heavy metals stabilization, successfully treating over 6 million tons of contaminated waste at hundreds of industrial facilities and remediation projects.
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Thioguard TST (Total System Treatment) is a non-hazardous, technical grade magnesia slurry for use in the treatment of municipal wastewater and sanitary sewer systems.
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AQUAMAG is a high quality magnesium hydroxide slurry for applications involving pH supplementation and waste treatment
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