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The world may be going digital, but that hasn’t slowed the demand for pulp, paper, and paperboard products from an industry focused on production efficiency for profitability. Growth has been propelled by paperboard shipping boxes, and increasing interest in consumer product packaging made of recyclable pulp and paper materials.  Sustainability and recycling initiatives supported by communities and businesses continue to generate tons of recycled newsprint, magazines, mixed office waste, and recyclable paperboards. 


Magnesium hydroxide has proven to be advantageous in several pulp and paper applications including deinking, peroxide bleaching, SOx scrubbing, and newsprint bleaching. Because it can be used as the sole source of alkalinity (providing 27% more alkalinity than caustic soda or other alternatives), many manufacturers are turning to magnesia-based treatment for partial or full replacement of their current chemicals.


The benefits? Improved reactivity and efficiency of using our high-quality controlled products, total lower chemical costs, effective waste treatment, and improved runnability of equipment.



Magnesia Applications in Pulp & Paper
  SOx Scrubbing
  Bleaching & Deinking
Our Brands Serving Pulp & Paper
AQUAMAG is a high quality magnesium hydroxide slurry for applications involving pH supplementation and waste treatment
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