Municipal Wastewater & Sanitary Sewer Treatment

In the past 25 years, environmental and treatment concerns associated with municipal water systems have transitioned from minor nuisances to serious problems impacting our quality of life. Historically, issues such as odor, corrosion, and acid waste generation, for example, have been addressed with the addition of products such as lime or caustic soda. However, due to the increasing necessity to optimize efficiency, reduce environmental hazards, and stay within ever-changing regulatory guidelines, municipalities are taking a closer look at how they can treat their systems in a way to improve runnability, compliance and cost efficiency. 


As result, they have been more regularly trending away from the more traditional reagents and are replacing them with Premier Magnesia's high purity, technical grade magnesium hydroxide because of its proven outperformance in overall treatment of multiple applications, improved safety handling, ease of use, and overall reduction of costs.

  • Sewer Odor & Corrosion Control Odor
  • Activated Sludge Treatment Process
  • Digestion & Methane Recovery
  • Biosolids Management Treatment
  • Nutrient Enhancement

Our Brands Serving Municipal Wastewater & Sanitary Sewer Treatment
Thioguard TST (Total System Treatment) is a non-hazardous, technical grade magnesia slurry for use in the treatment of municipal wastewater and sanitary sewer systems.
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Industries Benefiting From Municipal Wastewater & Sanitary Sewer Treatment

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