Metals Casting/Foundry Operations

In today's regulatory environment, a facility cannot risk potential problems with ineffective and inconsistent reagents for proper waste treatment and stabilization.


Facilities dealing with heavy metal-contaminated industrial waste streams include foundry operations (iron, steel, aluminum, brass, copper), battery manufacturing and recycling facilities, primary and secondary smelting operations, scrap processing and recycling facilities, and permitted Transport- Storage-Disposal Facilities (TSDFs). Whether dealing with hazardous bag house dust, filter cake, incinerator ash, slag waste, wastewater, or acid gas, it is essential for the viability of a facility to cost-effectively meet all regulatory treatment needs by using an industry proven reagent successful passing EPA-instated regulatory goals such as the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP), Synthetic Leaching Procedure (SPLP), and the Multiple Extraction Procedure (MEP).

Our Brands Serving Metals Casting/Foundry Operations
EnviroBlend® is the trusted leader in heavy metals stabilization, successfully treating over 6 million tons of contaminated waste at hundreds of industrial facilities and remediation projects.
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