Fire-Police/Law Enforcement

Police and fire departments are often first to arrive at the scene of an accident where hazardous materials may have been spilled or are leaking from vehicles or containers. They must react quickly for an increased margin of safety at the scene and take immediate control of the situation to keep spilled material from contact with themselves, accident victims or bystanders. In addition, it is essential to keep spilled material from entering the environment via drainage pipes, sewers, soil, streams and waterways.


However, chemical spills are not the only hazardous situation encountered. The uprising of clandestine methamphetamine labs have been on the rise, posing significant hazardous situations to those who arrive at the scene, and to those entering the environment afterwards. Having a one-step product available to neutralize the chemicals used in these extremely dangerous situations quickly and cost effectively has been critical to Drug Task Forces and other government agencies around the country.

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Amphomag is a rapid response chemistry that safely absorbs and treats all spills by neutralizing both acids and bases while controlling odors and neutralizing gases.
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