Commercial/Residential Spill Response

Whether associated with commercial properties and other businesses, or your own home, it is typical that hazardous materials like fuels, lubricants, household cleaners, paints, solvents, acids, etc. are somewhere in storage, whether used regularly or stocked for special needs. Having chemicals on hand necessitates being prepared for an unexpected chemical leak or spill. It is essential to be prepared for such an occurrence in order to protect personnel, residents and property from toxicity and damage.


Stocking a one-step spill response neutralizer where chemicals are stored and used should be part of every facility's protocol. Having a reagent on hand that addresses all spills, including acids and bases, helps to eliminate the guesswork and creates a user-friendly scenario where hazardous situations can be addressed expediently. 

Our Brands Serving Commercial/Residential Spill Response
Amphomag is a rapid response chemistry that safely absorbs and treats all spills by neutralizing both acids and bases while controlling odors and neutralizing gases.
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Industries Benefiting From Commercial/Residential Spill Response

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