Catalyst Cracking

Fluid Catalytic Cracking is used to convert the high-molecular weight petroleum crude oils to lighter and more valuable products such as gasoline. Magnesium oxide (MgO) is the main building block for many SOcapturing catalysts as well as metals trapping catalysts.  


  • SOx Capture

Several magnesium-based catalysts are used for SOx absorption in the fluid catalytic cracking unit and releases the sulfur as a hydrogen sulfide (H2S) for capture in the sulfur recovery unit as elemental sulfur.   SOx emissions can be reduced by 95% thus reducing the need for crude oil pretreatment and wet scrubbing of FCC unit exhaust stack.

  • Metals Trapping 

Magnesium-based catalysts are also used as a metals trapping catalyst, mainly for vanadium and iron.  Without the addition of this catalyst, vanadium and iron will fill the porous sites of more expensive zeolite-based catalysts.   

Our Brands Serving Catalyst Cracking
Premier Magnesia is proud to offer the MAGOX® product line of Magnesium Oxide for industrial applications, rubber & plastics, air pollution, wastewater, animal feed & nutrition and soil fertility.
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