Food production will need to double in the next 50 years to keep pace with population growth. Magnesium will play an important part in optimizing both crop fertility and livestock production to fulfill that increased food demand.


Magnesium is critical for optimum plant and animal growth and development; it is key to photosynthesis, enzyme activation and is involved in many metabolic functions within both plants and animals.


Premier's magnesium sulfate and magnesium oxide product lines are the best sources of magnesium to accomplish increased food production goals and to provide for the most effective performance in terms of plant availability and animal bio-availability.









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Magnesia Applications in Agriculture
  Animal Feed / Nutrition
  Soil Fertility/Plant Physiology
Our Brands Serving Agriculture
Premier Magnesia is proud to offer the MAGOX® product line of Magnesium Oxide for industrial applications, rubber & plastics, air pollution, wastewater, animal feed & nutrition and soil fertility.
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Magriculture® is agricultural-grade Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate which is a highly soluble and bioavailable source of Magnesium and Sulfur for the health of soils, plants and animals.
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