Chemicals Manufacturing
Premier Magnesia has been the trusted source of magnesium oxide for the chemical manufacturing industry. Owning and operating the only magnesia mine in the United States enables us to ensure the highest quality product and reliability of supply for companies using magnesia for the manufacture of products such as magnesium nitrate and magnesium sulfate.


Our chemical manufacturing clients understand that when it comes to choosing a supplier, all magnesia sources are not created equally, and that the way by which magnesium oxide is made from ore is just as important as the quality of the raw material. Our products are high in purity and reactivity as a result of calcining under exacting conditions in a computerized Herreshoff multiple-hearth furnace. Multiple burners within each hearth enables Premier to attain the precise calcining conditions while maintaining a consistent temperature. This unique process creates a much higher reactivity product, as compared to magnesium oxide produced through the more common method of using a single-burner rotary kiln, which often yields inconsistent product as result of fluctuating temperatures, and thus unreliable reactivity.


Dependability of performance and reliability of supply has kept clients in chemical manufacturing coming back to our mine for product for over 50 years. 



Magnesia Applications in Chemicals Manufacturing
  Magnesium Sulfate Manufacturing
  Magnesium Nitrate Manufacturing
  Magnesium Acetate Manufacturing
Our Brands Serving Chemicals Manufacturing
Premier Magnesia is proud to offer the MAGOX® product line of Magnesium Oxide for industrial applications, rubber & plastics, air pollution, wastewater, animal feed & nutrition and soil fertility.
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Our corporate headquarters is located in Waynesville, North Carolina.

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